Fairmont Château Laurier Trees of Hope for CHEO is a magical event that helps kick off the holiday season, while raising much needed funds for our very own Children’s Hospital.

The event is divided into three parts:

  1. A decorating party in the Ballroom of the hotel where 34 companies take part in creating unique and beautiful Christmas Trees.
  2. This is followed by a Tree Lighting Ceremony and Silent Auction that same night, attracting over 400 people who are invited to come and view the trees, bid on outstanding auction items and enjoy some Christmas cheer.
  3. Following the event these 34 trees are moved into the public spaces of the Fairmont Château Laurier, where the public is invited to vote on their favourite tree and make a donation to CHEO.


The cost of decorating a tree is $1,600. Each company may have up to 6 team members participate in the decorating party, which includes a wonderful festive dinner.

Teams are responsible for purchasing and/or making their own decorations. Two themes are selected to help guide you in your decorating process.

New this year, all trees will be undecorated for you.  You will simply need to pick up your boxes on January 7th or pay an additional $75 to have them delivered to your office.  

Should you wish to be put on the waiting list for 2020
please email





Fairmont Château Laurier presents the 22nd annual Trees of Hope in support of CHEO.

Between Monday, November 25, 2019 and Friday, January 3, 2020, take a walk through the forest of 30 trees, vote on your favourite tree and make a donation to CHEO.

We invite you to make this part of your holiday tradition!


A star sponsorship offers you and your company a unique opportunity to give back to your
Community, engage your colleagues and clients and participate in a successful event that increases your company’s profile.

Only 3 star sponsors will be accepted. Please contact

8 Foot Tree

An 8 foot tree professionally decorated by Wedecor to be placed in your office or a location of choice; the tree will be decorated at an agreed upon date and removed at an agreed upon date OR receive a Tree at the Trees of Hope event, which will be placed in the halls of the hotel for all to see during the festive season.

Company Recognition

Your company will be recognized and highlighted on the main page of Fairmont Château Laurier as well as on the CHEO Foundation website with a link to your home page. In addition to being highlighted on the Trees of Hope Web Page.

Stay at the Fairmont Château Laurier

Receive an overnight stay at the Fairmont Château Laurier for an event of your choice.

Social Media Recognition

Receive recognition in all social and online media efforts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc…

Public Thank You

A public thank you at the event

Logo Recognition

Your Logo will appear in all print media ads, on signage used for all trees placed throughout the hotel for the duration of the event, on the Sponsor TV’s in the room, and on special thank you signage at the cash out table.

Company Representation

A representative from your company can be a judge at the event (optional)

Right of Refusal

First right of refusal for sponsorship the following year


Receive the e-vite to attend the Trees of Hope event which you may send to your key clients, colleagues and friends

Complimentary Drink Tickets

You will receive 10 complimentary drink tickets for your guests attending the Trees of Hope event.


How does the event work?

The event is divided into two parts. The first part is the tree decorating portion, where all the teams arrive and decorate their trees. We ask that companies/families follow one of the category criteria outlined in your package. Your team of 3-6 people have approximately one (1) hour to complete the decorating of your tree. The judges start walking through halfway into the tree decorating. If your team is not finished when the judges come, please ask them to come back. When the decorating is done, there is a tree lighting that takes place; all the lights go out leaving only the beautiful twinkling white lights of the 34 Christmas trees.

Can we do a family tree?

We are encouraging family or neighbourhood trees. If your family or neighbourhood is looking to support CHEO this is a wonderful way to do it. It is a great event and offers you a special way to spend time together during this busy holiday season.

How do I sign up?

We can only have 34 trees, so the first right of refusal is given to companies who have supported this event in the past. For more information, email, call Deneen at 613-562-7001 or simply fill out the attached sign up form. Your $1,600 payment must be received before the day of the event.

PLEASE MAKE THE CHEQUE PAYABLE TO: CHEO FOUNDATION and send it attn: Deneen Perrin, 1 Rideau Street, Ottawa, ON, K1N 8S7. You will receive a confirmation letter immediately following the receipt of your form giving you more information about parking, arrival times etc…

Team parking:

Due to repairs to our parking garage, each team will be responsible to find parking; however a drop off zone will be created for decorations. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will share more closer to the event.

Can we promote our company within the tree i.e. using our logo on Christmas Balls etc?

Absolutely, this event is made for you to promote your company. Please do stay within the colour themes as this helps us position all the trees throughout the hotel. Also know that prizes are awarded for themes but we also have a team draw so you are eligible to win regardless.

Do we have to stay within the criteria?

The judges’ criteria are a guideline. If your goal is to compete against other teams, following the criteria is key; if your only goal is to give back to the children’s hospital and promote your company, you can definitely step outside the box and use your creativity! Colour choices are important, however. We ask that if you stray from the theme, please be mindful and use some of the outlined colours as accents. This will help us to properly position the trees within the hotel.

Extra visibility:

Star Sponsorships are available for $5,000.00, and offer a variety of extra coverage and visibility in addition to a Tree at the event. If you would like more information, please contact or by phone at 613-562-7001 for a full information package.

What portion of the funds raised goes to CHEO?

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we are proud to say that we have almost no overhead for this event. As a result, approximately 94% of the funds go directly to helping our children. The other 6 % are hard costs for the event, such as signage.

How do we win?

We like to remind everyone that this event is about raising funds for a cause that we all believe in, CHEO. There are prizes for the categories in order to encourage some healthy competition, but the spirit of giving is what this event is all about. The judges have a difficult job and follow the criteria to help them in their decision, so be creative and have LOTS of fun with it.

Do all of the tree lights need to be white?

YES, as this helps us to position the trees in the hotel. Once again, we would like to thank Canadian Tire who will be providing the event with the pre-lit trees!

Will food be served?

There is a wonderful buffet for your team to enjoy. It is important that you eat before 6:00 pm, as they must switch things over to desserts and prepare for the silent auction portion of the evening. We recommend that teams visit the buffet and eat in pairs to ensure that someone is always at your tree in case the judges come by.

Who can attend the Silent Auction?

We encourage you to invite colleagues, clients and friends with their families. This event is FREE for the silent auction portion and there are over 150 silent auction prizes to bid on. It is a great place to start your Christmas shopping!

Is there a cost to attend this event?

No, this is a FREE event. Each team will receive an e-vite for this event. We welcome you to send it to clients, colleagues, and friends. We do wish this to remain a high-end event so we do ask that your guests come in business casual attire (no jeans).

Can my company donate to the Silent Auction?

We are always looking for wonderful items to add to the silent auction tables so if you would like to donate an item, we would be more than grateful. You can contact Deneen Perrin at 613-562-7001 to arrange delivery or pick up.

Can we have more than 6 people on our team?

Unfortunately, due to space, six is the maximum allowed for the tree decorating portion, but we encourage you to have as many people as you want come to the Tree Lighting/Silent Auction portion of the evening.


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